The doll diaries

 Hi! Emmy here! Today me and my friend Elizabeth had a play date! It was so much fun!

   First we went outside and told jokes and stories!

                                                   Then we went on the trampoline!


It was so much fun!     I got to go!


Hi! Emmy here! I had a great day today! Here is some of what I did!

So, first I got up.....

 then I got dressed...
do you like my new shirt!
 Then I sat down in the living room.  But at this point I was pretty hungry!
                                                                Much better!
Then I got up, and got my hairbrush.
                                                          Then I did my hair.

 After I did my hair I went out side.

                                                      I love to climb this wall!
                                            Almost there....................
                                                                        Made it!

Then I went over to the rocks and looked for a rock for my collection.

I found one!

Isn't it pretty!

Thanks for reading! Bye!

If you are wondering where I got Emmy's clothes from, I made the shirt out of a small scarf, I got the skirt from American Girl, and I am not sure where I got the shoes from sorry.  Oh! and her bracelets are silly band rings.


Hi everyone Emmy here! This is my first post and I am so exited! The reason I am even writing this post is because I just have to show you guys my awesome new curls!

Now most of you are probably like (sarcastically) "oh, curls amazing."  But actually it IS amazing! I am a pretty straight haired tiny bit of waves person.  So NOW do you think it is cool?

If you still don't think it is cool comment down below, or if you want to know how i did it comment down below.

Thanks for reading bye!                                  

By the way if you are wondering where I got these clothes I got the skirt from American Girl and I made the shirt out of a sleeve from a shirt and a ribbon and hot glue.  Warning, hot glue can be dangerous so use a low temperature hot glue gun and have an adult help you if needed.