Meet the dolls

My first doll is Emmy Hanson.  She is a My American Girl Number 55.
I got her December 2012 from my parents.  She is pretty much like me.  
She loves dance, gymnastics, art, music and fashion.  Unlike me, her 
favorite food is gummy bears! Age:12
Birthday: December 9th
My next doll is Alexis Marie Jensen.  I bought her with my own money from Target.  She is an Our Generation, and the name she came with was Sadie.  She is by far the calmest of the four, and is kind of like the mom.  She is a good skateboarder, and her favorite food is scrambled eggs.  She does not like animals, so it is a bit hard having Molly around with all of her pets.  Age: 14
Birthday: February 24th

My next doll is Molly Jade McIntire.  She is  a Molly Historical doll.  My friend gave her to me in March 2015.  She is a HUGE animal lover!  If she could, she would take care of all of the dogs in the world!  She also loves juice boxes, but be careful!  If she has too much sugar she goes a bit...well...Crazy! Age:9  
Birthday: October 15th              

My fourth, and last doll is Kit Margaret Kittredge.  I got her from my friend at the same time as Molly.  Kit loves to play practical jokes on people, and she also likes to boss Molly around.  But when she isn't being bossy, or sneaky, she is actually a lot of fun!  She also likes to play piano and eat pizza! Age:10
Birthday: July 5th


  1. that is SOO cool!!! i have kit too!!!!

    1. Me too! Only I have the BeForever version

  2. Very cute. Kit looks great in that pink shirt! The pink shirt is from Isabelle's collection, right?

  3. All of your dolls are really cute! Great page!:)

  4. Cute dolls! Molly's hair looks adorable!

  5. My birthday is October 15th too! Your dolls are Epic!