Monday, August 3, 2015

World Doll Day Tag

Hi everyone! So I got tagged by Loren from Happy House of AG (my favorite blog!) for the world doll day tag! So here are the questions:

1: List three favorite dolls you bought last year: Well.... I only have three AG... And I didn't buy any of them..... I will just say I love them all?

2: List three dolls currently on your wish list: Oh boy! Thats like asking me who my favorite friend is, or if I had kids (which would be kinda weird since Im only 13...) it would be like asking me who my favorite kid is!      But if you must know..... Grace, Truly Me #47 and #57

Alright! Thats it for now! Thanks for tagging me Loren!  Oh yeah! I have to tag someone too! I tag: Alone in Doll World!

Thanks for reading!

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