Sunday, August 2, 2015

Iphones and updates!

Hello everyone! So as I promised in my last post I wrote exactly 1 minute ago, this post is about iPhone.  Well not just iPhones, but I do talk about them.... Yeah.  So before I ramble on any further, I shall now begin my post!

So I am so very unsure about naming Molly to Madison.  That's why I am changing it back to Molly. (For now.)

So what I am about to say is not to brag, but to explain my life at this current time.  I have recently gotten an iPhone, and though it is an amazing little baby that basically stores my entire life in, it does a very good job at sucking me into the world of double tap, like, scroll, scroll, 1-hour-later- I am still on Instagram.... Yeah it is great but evil all at once.  The mager plus with it though, is that it has a great camera and it has iMovie, which is great when you are trying to start up a YouTube.

YouTube- If you didn't already know, I have recently started a YouTube! It is called Caramel Kitty23 here is the link:
If it does not take you to the YouTube I am sorry, but I am not good at linking stuff.  But I would appreciate it so much if all of my lovely followers and readers here subscribed to me on YouTube! No pressure though! Just going to my YouTube is better than nothing!

Also, a very important holiday happened in June.... My Birth Day! Yep! I am now an official teenager! Although, if you asked me, I wouldn't mind staying a kid for a few more years!

If you guys have made it this far in the post I commend you for that!

One last thing! In about two weeks I am having a bat mitzvah, which is like a Jewish coming of age ceremony and celebration, and a lot of family will be coming in, so I will not be posting around that time.  But I will try to get more posts in before then!

Thanks for reading!

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