Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winner of my One Year Blogiversary Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Today I will be announcing the winner of my one year blogiversary give away! By the way this was a random drawing.  Ok! The winner of my first ever giveaway is..........

Halo, please email me with your address (so that i can send the prize to you,) within five days.  If you do not email me within five days, I will randomly pick another winner.
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Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who entered my giveaway, and to everyone who has read my blog for the past year! Also thanks to everyone who followed me during the past few weeks!
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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Hi everyone! I just wanted to remind you that today is the last day to enter my 1 year blogiversary giveaway! I will be giving away what is in the photo!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fun with AG Fan giveaway!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell you that Fun With AG Fan is having a giveaway! So you should totally check it out! Here is the link to her blog:
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And don't forget to enter my one year blogiversary giveaway!

Giveaway reminder

Hi everyone! I just wanted to remind you that  Saturday the 21st will be the last day to enter my one year blogiversary giveaway! And then on Sunday the 22nd I will be announcing the winner! So don't forget to enter if you haven't already, and let your friends know about it to! Also the more people that enter, the more likely I will do another giveaway! So please enter!
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

You Choose: February edition.

Hi everyone! So today I will be doing the You Choose game! So if you don't know what the you choose game is, it is basically where I will show sets 2 images of products from American Girl, and in the comments you tell me what your favorites are from each set! Ok! Let's get started!

           First we have the Sparkly Jazz Outfit or the pretty pliĆ© outfit?
Grace's opening-night outfit or the shimmer and lace party dress?

Julie's skateboarding set or the sunshine garden outfit?

The sunshine gardening bench set or Grace's pastry cart?

             The floral swim outfit or the boho beachy swimsuit?

The soccer team outfit or the 2-in-1 track outfit?

Julie's mix-print maxi dress or Kaya's modern fancy shawl outfit?

If you want me to do this every month, please let me know in the comments!
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

What I think of the Grace Thomas, Girl of the year stuff

Grace doll: I can't say I love her, but I didn't like Isabelle at all, but I ended up loving her! I think her outfit is ok... But I do love her shoes!
Grace's pajamas: I think these are pretty cute!
Grace's baking outfit: I think this outfit is really cute, and I really like the shirt and shoes!
Grace's opening night outfit: This outfit is pretty cute! I could see also using it for a ballet performance!
Graces city outfit: I think this outfit is really cute! I love the shorts with sweater look! And I love the shoes! I also think it looks really good with the fingerless gloves from her Paris accessories!

Grace's Paris accessories: I think these accessories are really cute! I love the gloves, and the purse, and the lip gloss, and the coin purse, and the bus pass, hmm..... I suppose I like everything!

Graces welcome gifts: I think these are cute! I like the hat a lot

Grace's French bulldog: I think this dog is really cute!

Grace's travel set: I can't say I really like this set... The suitcase looks to plastic-e to me.

 Grace's baking set: I think this set is really cute. but it is 68 dollars for not very much!

Grace's bistro set: I love the chair and all the stuff on the table, but I don't really like the rest.  And again way to much money for what it is!

 Grace's French bakery: I think this set is really cute, but I think I could make something like this for 20 dollars, instead of 500 dollars.

Grace's pastry cart: I think this set is really cute, I defiantly want to get it.  (Or maybe make it!)

Grace's travel coat: I can't say I like how short this coat is, but maybe with some pants, then I could see Emmy wearing it.

Let me know in the comments what you think about Grace's stuff!
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Emmy V.S. the Skateboard: An AGPS

 Emmy:"Oh Boy! Today's the day!"
Emmy: "Hey Alexis!"
Alexis: "Oh, hey Emmy!"
Emmy: "Today's the day!"
Alexis: "What?"
Emmy: "You said you would teach me how to skate board today!"
Alexis: "I guess I did say that.  Alright, grab the skateboards, and we can go to the park."
                                                                 At the park...
Alexis: "Alright Emmy.  I'll teach you how to skateboard, but remember,  you have to be patient!"
Emmy: "I know! I know!"
Alexis: "Alright, first you are just going to try to stand on it and balance.  Like this."
Emmy: "That looks easy enough!"
Emmy: "Yay! Look I am skateboarding!"
Alexis: "Well, not quite.... Now try to kick a little!"
Emmy: "I'm a pro! Look at me! Hee hee!"
Alexis: "You're doing great! Now try to put your arms out and balance."
Emmy: "Ok! This is easy!"
Alexis: "Ok Emmy, why don't you take a break."
Emmy: "No Way! I'm having the time of my life! I wanna try some tricks!"
Emmy: "Look at me! Yay!"
Alexis: "Emmy! Watch out your going to run into the bench!"
Emmy: "What? I didn't hear you! Whoa! How did the bench get there! Ahhh!"
Emmy: "Owwww...."
Alexis:  "Oh my gosh! Emmy, are you ok?"
Emmy: "Wahhhh!"
Emmy: "My arm hurts so much!"
Alexis: "It could be broken... Lets get you to the hospital."
                                                           At the hospital...

Alexis: "Emmy, You'll be alright."
Emmy: "My arm hurts so much... I hope its not broken, and this cast was just a silly precaution."
Emmy: "Sigh...."
Door: "Knock Knock!"
Alexis: "Come in!
Dr. Janet: "Hi, I'm Dr. Janet."
Alexis: "Hi, I'm Alexis."
Alexis: "And this is Emmy."
Emmy: "Dr.? Its not broken, right?"
Dr. Janet: "Well I have your x-ray right here."
DR.Janet:"'Why don't we take a look."
DR.Janet: "It looks like she broke her arm right here..."

Emmy: "I can kinda see it from here... It doesn't look THAT broken!"
Alexis: "Sorry Emmy.  Its broken alright."
Emmy: "Aw man!"
Emmy: "How long do I have to keep the cast on for doc?"
Dr. Janet: "Only for about four to five weeks!"
Emmy: "Ow! That hurt!"

Alexis: "It will be ok Emmy!"
Emmy: "Sigh... I guess your right.  Hey! The good part is you get to take care of me 24-7 for the next four to five weeks!"
Alexis: "Oh boy!"
                                                               Thanks for reading!
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