Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What I think about the new AG winter items

Hi everyone! So today I am going to be talking about what I think about the new AG items.

I think that this outfit is definitely inspired by Saige.  I don't really like how cowgirl it is.
I think this outfit is a little freaky! First of all, it is ALL white! Second it is all these weird textures.  And third I think the shorts are awful.
 I love this outfit! I think it is SO cute! Not to mention you could use the leggings or the sweater for a normal day to day outfit!
 I think this is a pretty cute outfit.  And I know a lot of people think that it is weird that the sleeves say AG all over them, but it is kinda just like AG pride.
First of all let me just say sorry this image came out weird.  So I think that the old skating outfit is better.  This one is good if your doll is a professional skater who is in a competition, but if she is just practicing it is not very good.  I also don't like the poofy skirt part.  Also, if anyone thinks that this image reminds you of Elsa from Frozen, tell me in the comments.
 I think there are good things and bad things about this one.  I like the idea of a carriage for your doll, and I like the velvet seats and the cover, but I think the wheels look weird and not to mention it doesn't even come with the horse! And the carriage is really pricey as it is!
I think this is cute, though I do not see how it is going to keep you warm! But the rest looks like stuff I could make.
 I like this one, and I could see Emmy wearing it, but I don't have much to say about it.
This one is also Saige inspired.  I think it is cute, But first you need to buy the super expensive horse!
I think this out fit is pretty cute! I could see Emmy wearing this one.

Comment what you think about the new AG stuff! I might start giving shout outs in future posts to anyone who comments! Thanks for reading! Bye!