Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to school Part:1

Hi everyone! So today is my first post in my Back to School series! And for this post I will be showing you how to make a doll binder/folder! So lets get started!

Step: 1  You will need a piece of cardboard, the kind from a cereal box works best.
 The cardboard should be 7" by 4".  Step: 2  Now on the long side of the cardboard, make two marks, one at 3" and another one  at  4".  Repeat on the other side.
 As you can see I made a mark at the top and bottom.
 Step: 3  Now using a ruler make two lines going from the top mark to the bottom mark.
Step 4: Now you are going to need a plastic ruler.
 Using the edge of the ruler, place the edge on one of the lines and fold over the cardboard.
 Do the same on both lines.  By the way the ruler just makes it easier to fold a straight line.

Step: 5  Ok, so now I cut and hot glued a piece of felt to the front of the binder.
 Then I took a piece of stretchy fabric (I recommend using fabric from an old shirt.)
 And then just glue it on to the spine of the binder.
 Then flip the binder over and glue down the edges of the fabric.

Step :6  So now I took a piece of scrap booking paper and flipped it over.
 Now trace the back cover of the binder on the paper.
 Then cut out the paper.  (By the way it is better to have A little extra and then you can just trim it later.)
 Then I just hot glued the paper on to the back of the binder.

Step: 7 Ok now for the inside of the binder.   First I just took some scrap booking paper and hot glued it into the binder.
 Now I just took some more of that stretchy fabric and hot glued it on to the inside spine.
 Step: 8  Now I just took some of these cool paper clips, and I am going to be using these instead of making binder rings.  ( Because I find that binder rings are pretty hard to make.)
 And hot glued them onto the top of the binder.
Step: 9 Now I just took some more of that scrap booking paper and cut a little pocket shape.

 Then I just hot glued the edges of the pocket  onto the binder.
 Step: 10 Now just cut an oval shape out of some scrap booking paper.  (I used the same paper from the back of the binder.)  And now cut a smaller oval out of white paper.
 Now, hot glue the bigger oval onto the front of the binder.

Then hot glue the smaller oval on top of the bigger one.  And this step is optional, it just a a little tag for it that is all.

 Step:11  Now to keep the binder shut, you are going to need a button and some string.
 First glue the button onto the front of the binder,
 And then glue the string to the back of the binder.
Then just bring the string to the front and wrap it around twice.
 Then  trim the string.
 And that is how to make a doll binder/folder!

Thanks for reading! Please comment if you like this D.I.Y.!  If you try making this or anything you do with your doll, please send me a photo! If I get enough photos, I could do a whole post on Your photos!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Really cool giveaway!

Hi everyone! So today I am going to post about a giveaway.  By the way this is a giveaway held by   It is the coolest giveaway! You should definitely check it out.  But the deadline is today so you might want to enter soon!

Friday, August 8, 2014

American Girl Doll Tent OR Our Generation Doll Tent

Hi everyone! So today I am going to be showing you the American Girl Doll Tent and the Our Generation Doll Tent, and I will be giving a review on it, and also be asking you your opinion on it.  So comment down below your opinion on the tents!

Here is the American Girl Doll Tent.  It is Blue and Redish-Orangish with Blue embroidered flowers on the side.  It has roll up window covers and can hold two dolls.  It also comes with a purple lantern that I believe lights up.
 Here is the Our Generation doll tent.  It is Pink And Brown with Orange trim and has flowers on the side.  It has roll back doors, and and can fit  two dolls.  It comes with a matching sleeping bag, a lantern, a plate,utensils and two other accessories.
I don't think I can decide witch I like better! The only thing I don't like are the accessories (besides the sleeping bag.)  that come with the Our Generation tent, just because they look like cheep plastic trinkets.  (This is only my personal opinion though.)

By the way I do not have Either of the sets so I am not positive about everything.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Please follow me!

Hi everyone! So today I just wanted to quickly say that I would really appreciate it if you would follow me! If you do, I will give you a shout out in my next post!

By the way, if you don't follow me, that is okay too.