Monday, March 24, 2014

Photo/drawing contest

For this contest, send in a picture of your doll, and a drawing that you have done of your doll.  I will post all of my favorites along with three winners! I will be choosing based on creativity, not skill.  Send the picture and drawing with your first name and/or the name of the doll to my email: .  The deadline is April 20th 2014.

Here is an example.

                                  Please enter the contest!

Fun Photos!

Me and some of my friends did an outdoor  photo shoot with our dolls!

Here they are on the wall, and if you look closely there are mountains behind them!

                         Here they are with the chickens!

    They had a great time climbing in the tree!



And here they are on the porch swing!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Hi everyone!

Today I am going to introduce my two newest dolls!

First up we have.........
Crasanthemum is  free spirited, and fun! Though she can get rather tired that's nothing a good old cookie cant fix! She also has a pet mouse who she loves to play with!

Next up we have.............


Alexis is sure of herself and loves to do indoor sports! That means rock climbing, racket ball, swimming,
you name it! 

So these are my new dolls! thanks for reading!

If you are wondering where I got Alexis's outfit it all came with her when I got her.  She also came with blue stockings and orange slip on shoes.  If you are wondering she is an Our generation doll.