Monday, January 20, 2014

The great, and the bad outdoors

Even though it can be a lot of fun to play with your dolls outside, there is a downside to it.  The downside is that if you leave your doll in the sun or the heat for too long this can result in their face getting kinda squishy (I know, gross!) And eventually the rest of them will get squishy.  My and  friends and I call it "squishy fever." Luckily, there is a cure!

The Cure: put your doll in a cool room with a fan (box fans work very well) blowing on your doll.
Now, even though squishy fever should still be a concern for you, there is still a way to have fun ( even in the sun!) One thing you can do is only play in the sun for brief periods of time and then take a break somewhere cooler.  (preferably inside) Another option is to play in a tree like in the pictures shown here, even though there is a lot more shade under a tree it is a good idea to still take breaks because the heat can still get to your dolls.

(By the way, squishy fever only applies to dolls that are like the ones shown here.  For instance it would not apply to groovy girls.)

Friday, January 17, 2014


I got the idea for my blog when american girl  stopped putting d.i.y. crafts for your doll in there magazine, so I decided that my blog is going to......... replace the doll crafts! But now you are probably wondering why I have more then just 18" dolls on the cover of my home page.  Well, that is because I think it would be even cooler if there were ideas for all different sized dolls! So I guess you could say this is a replacement..... and more! I will be posting more shortly! Bye!